Hello, I'm Danielle!

ENFP | MIT '14. Program Manager at Microsoft. Founder + President at Gique.

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I Care About the Human Bits.

"When you’re completely focused on doing something you truly love, you lose your sense of ego & time."

My passion is designing and building technologies which expand the human window of perception, surpassing the constraints of our biology and experiences to enrich our understanding of ourselves, the world, and others. I believe that technology should augment and extend our natural understanding of the world and deliver information that is undetectable by our senses in a way that challenges the current paradigm of human-computer interaction through screens. Furthermore, I believe that cultural ideas and worldviews are embedded into all systems, especially in media and technological systems. I want the systems I build to empower and humanize, rather than oppress or malign, their users and audiences.

I am a strong proponent of ArtScience education because I believe interdisciplinary thinking is a prerequisite to true innovation. In 2013, I founded Gique (pronounced "geek") to inspire and educate Boston-area youth in science, technology, engineering, art, & math (STEAM) through educational programs and community engagement. Gique has provided me with a platform to connect meaningfully with the Greater Boston community while working full-time as a Program Manager at Microsoft New England.

My Work

My Work.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
September 2010 — June 2014
B.S. Computer Science & Engineering


Program Manager at Microsoft
Founder + President at Gique
Past Researcher at MIT Media Lab


Playing with My Pets. Making. Zen Meditation. Calligraphy. Visual Design.


Current Volunteer With:
Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester,
Rosie's Place, and St. Francis House.

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