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Project Overview

The MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality’s Narrative, Orality, and Improvisation Research (NOIR) Initiative focuses on the research and practice of digital improvisation, phantasmal media, and cross-cultural forms of expression. An important aim is on designing and engineering experiences that convey the characteristics of oral communication forms of expression through information and communication technologies.

Interactive Hip Hop Music History Experience
Building a novel system to support educating the public about the history of hip hop music and culture using digital media in collaboration with the new Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) in the Bronx, NY. Working to design, develop, and implement several dynamic narrative experiences which support this endeavor within a small research team consisting of doctoral students, research scientists, faculty, and external experts in hip hop, history, and museum exhibitions for initial release at the UHHM Revolution of Hip Hop Pop Up Museum Exhibition in August 2019.

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